Frequently Asked Questions

How can I login?

Go to your home page enter your Email address or Roll no -> Enter Password -> Click Log in button

Where can I get my roll No?

Your roll No has been sent you on your Mobie No or Email.

How can I get my roll no, If I forget?

You forget your roll no or email contact your institute.

How can I get my password, If I forget?

Go to home page click on forget password -> enter your register mobile no or email or full name -> click on search button -> You will see your account name click on it -> You will ask to select the type of getting password email or sms code-> enter the code in text box or click on the link sent on your email. -> You will successfylly reset the password.

How can I see my test?

Goto your dashboard -> click on mytest.

What should I do to give my test?

Goto your dashboard -> click on mytest in left side -> click on start test which you want to start.

Can I read instructions in Hindi?

Yes You can read instructions in both languages Hindi and English by selecting the language at the right top corner on instruction page.

Is there facility of giving test in both languages?

Yes You can give test in both languages by changing the language on test page.

Is there any problem if my internet disconected during test?

If your internet disconect during test there is no problem when your system will contected to internet your form will be sumbmitted automatically if your time has been up.